Review – Suspicious Store Having No Reviews on Independent Websites has been described as a UK based pharmacy that offers first class service to its customers. The company claims to be friendly and offers the highest quality of customer care. It requires the customers to present a valid prescription for ordering drugs and is also involved in issuing consultancy services as well. The pharmacy […] Review – A Cheap Online Pharmacy Hiding Its Real Identity is a virtual pharmacy also known as 365 pills. It is located outside the USA but the management and support group is operating from the United States and Europe. The pharmacy has been in the business for over six years. All medications are developed, produced, and supplied from India top and leading pharmaceutical manufacturers like Cipla, […] Review – Mexican Online Pharmacy with Unsafe Credit Card Payment Processing is an online drug vendor I checked out not long ago to find my prescription medications. When I went on, the homepage confirmed that this was indeed a Mexican online pharmacy that specializes in distributing both Brand name drugs and generic medicines. At the bottom-left corner of the page, I could see what looked […]