Review – E-Store with a Low Trust Score but Affordable Prices has a cool name suggesting that its products are cost-effective and can help buyers save more. I searched the store for details concerning its history and present location, but the shop did not have anything concrete when it came to its details. Surprisingly, the “about us” page of the store merely spoke about the store being an idea of several expert pharmacists and thus the birth of The description and other information on the store gave me a feeling of déjà vu, and I realized that it is because I have seen the wordings on Affordable Drugs Rx on other online pharmacy platforms.

Products sold on are mostly generic and meds on the shop encompass the medical categories such as skin care, quit smoking/smoking cessation, men’s health, HIV, sleeping aids, weight loss, and other medical categories. Several featured products are posted on the shop’s front page and they were meds such as Meridia (generic Reductil), generic Valium, generic Xanax, generic Soma, generic Ambien, generic Phentermine, and others. I observed that did not ask for prescriptions for any of its products, despite most of them being controlled substances which require a specific doctor’s specialty license for the Rx. This can only mean that the store is far from being a since legally operating stores allow the buyers to send in valid prescriptions for their orders, especially for the Rx ones. This shop jeopardizes the buyers’ health since they are encouraging the use of substances which may have adverse effects on individuals without proper education from their doctors.

I meant to take a closer look at Affordable Drugs Rx’ details, but the information on its FAQ page was rather scanty. did not expound on where it sources its meds, where the meds are shipped from, or if the meds were approved by the FDA. The store also has little information concerning the order process—Affordable Drugs Rx had a meager infographic to illustrate the linear order process but did not offer to expound on the details.

Still, the store’s impotence products interested me despite its flaws. provided a variety of options for the clients and even gave herbal options for males struggling with impotence. Most of the items on, though, were from unregistered manufacturers. Affordable Drugs Rx has low-cost medications at the buyers’ disposal; the shop sells generic Viagra for a minimum of 5 pills (100 mg costs $19 per pack) and the store sells the generic Cialis for a minimum of 5 pills too (20 mg costs $18).

Buyers may pay for the items using credit cards and bank wire transfers. Affordable Drugs Rx charges $18 for orders shipped via regular airmail which arrives in 21 days, and the store charges $25 for the express shipping option which arrives in 14 days (a week earlier than the regular option). There was no discussion for refunds and reshipments for the orders which encountered unexpected circumstances.

To contact, you may use its phone numbers or you may message the store using its ticketing system. Reviews

Because of the low product prices on Affordable Drugs Rx, I checked if the shop had a lot of customers in the past. The store, however, did not have buyer reviews available online, even when I checked several forum sites and review platform databases.

Online stores without reviews are those usually which are less popular than others—no visitors means no sales, and no sales means no reviews. Affordable Drugs Rx, though, did have mentions from blogger websites for online pharmacies, but the authors rated the shop poorly due to its lack of reviews. So far, no complaints were available on the web for this store, but still, I wouldn’t entrust my money to an online pharmacy with no markers for its credibility. Reviews 2017

Present assessments for were unavailable as well, so I thought to use other online platforms to help me evaluate the current domain status of Affordable Drugs Rx. Even if the store looks well-polished and attractive on the outside, there may be hidden issues needed to be identified concerning its domain health.

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Scam Adviser’s result for is 0 out of 100 for its trust rating, giving the shop a high-risk status and a low trust rating. According to more details available on Scam Adviser, Affordable Drugs Rx is a rarely visited site (thus the lack of reviews) and a store with an age of almost 2 years. Even if is a business site, it only had a free technical contact email and a free registered contact email, which are both considered unprofessional. Plus, the site has links to high-risk websites too.

image2 5, according to Legit Script, is a rogue pharmacy, for the store failed to qualify for the verification standards for the legit websites. It is important to note that this rating is the worst rating any online store could have from this assessment platform. Coupon Codes

Even though did not have coupon codes and discount vouchers, the store had free pills sent to buyers on their every order, regardless of order amount.

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Free shipping is not available on, as well as discount offers and other deals.


I wouldn’t trust a store without reviews and with low trust scores. is an online pharmacy with good choices and affordable prices for the medications, but the shop isn’t credible enough to order from. I’d rather use my favorite sites than this dubious online store. I am giving a rating of 2 out of 5 for its lack of buyer reviews and its dearth of essential information on its site.