Review – Fake Reviews—Look for Other Shops Besides this One!, or Sky Pharmacy, is an online shop catering to buyers looking for cheaper medications for various medical conditions. I am bothered by the fact that this shop’s name is not the same as its domain name, and I find that very confusing. According to the store, it is the worldwide leader in supplying medications internationally, but the shop failed to indicate where it actually operates from. All the statements on its information page only strive to share the Sky Pharmacy’s purpose and vision, and nothing there stated hard facts about the shop’s operations.

The store offers a wide range of products, although most of the drugs sold in the shop are generics. gives its clients an assurance that all of the meds on the shop are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, even the generic products sold in the store. As typical as the other online pharmacies, Anagen/Sky Pharmacy also lists its products in a compendium of medical conditions—the shop offers meds for erectile dysfunction, pain relief, skin care, smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety medications, and various others. More than all the products on, the most bought products include mostly generic erectile dysfunction medications, Clomid, Nolvadex, Accutane, Prednisone, Lasix, Celadrin, and several others, which the store is able to sell for affordable prices.

As for the impotence meds, which I am particularly hyped about, Sky Pharmacy sells them at affordable prices too. The store is able to dispense a minimum of 10 pills per order—Anagen sells Viagra 100 mg (generic) at $33.25 for 10 pills, Cialis 100 mg (generic) at $32.59 for 10 pills, and Levitra 20 mg (generic) for $37.11 for 10 pills. These products and other prescription meds on require no prescriptions, so the buyers can procure these Rx meds even without sending their Rx orders from their doctors. However, the store encourages the patients to consult with their doctors first before ordering their meds on Sky Pharmacy.

Products on may be paid for using AMEX and VISA credit, plus E-checks. As for the shipping, this online pharmacy offers to ship the items using regular airmail, which costs $9.95. This option takes about 3 weeks to arrive, which is long, so if buyers desire to get their orders much faster, they can request EMS shipping, although the shop charges more for this swifter shipping option.

Should your orders arrive damaged or not arrive at all, requests that you contact its support team for reshipments and refunds. You can dial the numbers posted on the store or you can send a message using the contact function integrated into the shop. does not offer live support, so you have to either call the store or send its reps a message to reach them. Reviews

Since I view that consumer testimonials are essential for every online store, I tried searching for web testimonials for this online pharmacy. However, I was unable to search for reviews for this store from review websites and forum sites and only found “testimonials” integrated on the store.

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Most of the comments on were positive, such as the review from Tyler, who stated that is a secure pharmacy which helped him order hassles free. He also commended the shop’s good prices, its “very helpful staff”, and reliable and genuine medications.

Other comments for are also in other languages, but you can see the satisfaction of the buyers in their comments. Despite these good comments, though, I noticed that these so-called testimonials were also those I’ve read on other online pharmacies. It is bad enough that the store did not have external reviews and had only these on-site comments, and it is even worse knowing that this shop’s reviews were apparently plagiarized from other online pharmacies. Reviews 2017

More of the copied reviews exist on, and since they did not have dates on them, it is hard to tell when these comments were created.

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Despite the good nature of the comments published for, these comments are still untrustworthy because not only were they found on-site alone—they are also copied comments from other online stores. All of these reviews are fake and are truly misleading.

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Because no real reviews exist for, I checked the Sky Pharmacy’s status on Scam Adviser. The result showcased that Sky Pharmacy’s actually 17 years old, but that it’s now owned by for some unknown reason. Overall, though, the store was given a low trust rating, and Scam Adviser stated that the site is not safe to use. Coupon Codes

You can have free tablets on your every purchase from Anagen/Sky Pharmacy. Even if you’re just getting 10 pills of any item, you will be given freebies of erectile dysfunction products (generic Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra).

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Aside from the free pills on every order, the store is also offering free shipping on all orders above $200, so buyers with purchases greater than $200 won’t have to worry about the $10 fee for regular shipping.


I just found out that Pharmacy is actually a 17-year-old store, which actually made it increasingly weird that the shop did not have buyer mentions and reviews for its service. The product line of the store is quite typical of the online store stocks, and the prices for the meds are actually affordable, on the average.

However, the copied reviews from this store left me disdained—the shop could have had its own reviews if it really satisfied its customers during the past. Moreover, I am rating this store only 1 out of 5, and I do not recommend this shop for your medical needs. Look for other sites besides this one.