Review – Vendor Lacking Customer Reviews is said to be the most reliable store for buying different types of antibiotics belonging to various brands, that too at cheapest possible prices. The company assures that the products they provide are cheap but are not compromised on their quality. BuyAntibiotics says that it has been in operation for a short period of time only, yet they have managed to develop portals in order to make it easy for their customers to reach them. Buy-Antibiotics strongly emphasizes on customer satisfaction and works hard to make sure that all of their products are licensed and approved by all famous drug regulatory bodies. It has been ensured by Buy Antibiotics that all the drugs available at this website have to pass a test for quality assurance before reaching the warehouse. The website deals in both branded as well as generic medications while both of these versions are said to be equally effective. In addition to antibiotics, the company also sells medicines related to gastro health, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, hair loss and many more. I checked the price for a generic alternative of Viagra and found it to be 2.45 US Dollars per pill which I think is quite expensive.

Buy Antibiotics accepts payments via American Express, Master Card, E-checks and Visa. The company ships internationally to most of the areas via two companies. Trackable Courier Service takes 5 to 9 days while Airmail service requires 14 to 21 days. The rates of these services vary from area to area. Customers can contact the store by emailing them or calling at 188895247141 and +448081891420. Reviews is one of those pharmacies that are totally devoid of customer reviews. Such pharmacies are usually considered to be fake as they don’t care about their valued customers. Such pharmacies need to understand that customer reviews are an essential part of every pharmacy’s website which is operating online. This is because there are no other means of authenticating a website that is online. Customers need to be careful while buying drugs online because there is a great likelihood of being scammed or sent fake medications. This explains the need of customer reviews. As far as Buy Antibiotics is concerned, I would ask the customers not to buy from this website as long as it does not provide a credible source of its reliability. Reviews 2017

Because there were no customer reviews for BuyAntibiotics in previous years, I was expecting that it would also not have any recent ones. As I searched the internet more thoroughly, I came to know that I was right. Buy Antibiotics did lack in recent reviews.  So, I decided to check its status with the help of LegitScript.

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LegitScript has called this store as a rogue pharmacy that has not verified itself as per the rules of the pharmacy. Therefore, it has been said that customers must not buy any drug from this store. The store might be one of those pharmacies that make a fool out of the customers and do not send them anything.

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According to Scamadviser, the store has been located in the United Kingdom but it is more likely to be located in France. It has also been mentioned on this scam analyzing website that there might be a small chance that it is a risky website.

According to the reports by LegitScript and Scamadviser, Buy Antibiotics is an unsafe pharmacy so, the customers must not buy drugs from here. Coupon Codes has a few deals for its customers to avail discounts. It has been announced by the company that it provides free delivery on orders exceeding a worth of 200 US Dollars via International Unregistered Mail that takes 14 to 21 days to deliver.

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All the customers who have already placed an order at Buy Antibiotics at least once before are liable to 10 percent discount on all of their next orders. All orders placed at this store are entitled to 4 free pills of Viagra 100 mg. The amount of free pills exceeds 10 if there are at least 90 pills in the placed order. For orders having 120 pills or more, an ED trial pack is given for free.


It can be concluded that is not an ideal place for buying drugs. There are no customer reviews associated with this drug store. Even the official website of this store is completely devoid of customer reviews. LegitScript has said that this is not a verified drug store while Scamadviser is of the opinion that this store might be associated with some kind of risk. Hence, I must say that Buy Antibiotics is not the store I am looking for. This pharmacy manages to get only 1 out of 5 from my side because of a lot of deficiencies. I would advise the customers not to buy anything from this store including ED medications unless it makes up for its deficiencies and weak points.