Review – Virtual Store Lacking Transparency according to the copyright symbol on their website has been in operation since 2011 as the Canadian superstore. Thi store claims to offer affordable generic drugs and offer services globally. I am not sure of its location because there is no “About Us” section or address on their web page. It could very well mean that they run a fully virtual operation rather than the traditional bricks and mortar business.

They too like many online pharmacies these days, promote erectile dysfunction drugs as their primary stock. However, non-ED drugs such as antidepressants, antacids and corticosteroids are also offered. Their products are generic and priced per pill. On average; Viagra costs $0.88, Cialis $1.11, Levitra $1.80 and Kamagra $2.26.

Canada-Express Mall claims that their products are Indian FDA-approved and that is all the information their website has on that issue. Payments are accepted from several major companies including Visa, VisaElectron, Mastercard, JCB and Diners Club. The website claims to ensure a secure billing system. There are few options for delivery, Airmail which takes a maximum time of 21 days (you receive a tracking number but can only use it post delivery. I am as confused as you are) and Express Mail Service (EMS) which takes about 10 days (you can use your tracking number pre-delivery but it starts working in 4 business days). I am uncertain as to if there is an attached cost because the website is not very informative and when I attempted to check out items at varying prices, shipping was free although there were only tags on selected quantities. Maybe they have a free-shipping promo?  

I have found a live chat button to the bottom left of the page however it is “Offline” and actually static when you hover the mouse over it. However, they have redeemed themselves (somewhat) with a form that asks you to fill in some contact information. You can actually be 100% refunded but only if they don’t deliver or deliver an incorrect order. However, if this is not the case, you stand to lose out as you have thirty days within which to return the order package and you will only be refunded the sale price less a $10 fee for stocking. Your initial shipping from what I understand is not refunded. Reviews

On the seller’s website, there are two reviews appearing on every page, one by Alex Edwards and another by Mark Lenox. They are both positive reviews related to the ED drugs and not necessarily the drug on the page they are on. Guests, however, can leave reviews once they have placed an order.

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Independent sites are a different story and the seller is rated negatively all round. One reviewer RC distrusted them so much that s/he canceled their credit card immediately.  Bee never received his product but luckily was able to get a refund from his credit card company. They didn’t deliver and neither did they ship a free order or issue a refund; highly dishonest. Joel’s experience is rather poor since they boast that they ship to over 190 countries but somehow Canada of all places is not included? I wonder if Mars is included in the 190 countries they claim to ship to? Reviews 2017

Canada Express Mall has been marked as “Rogue” as well as a “threat” and no recent reviews by customers exist online. The comments in some instances are 5 years old. The logical person and regular internet shopper would know that there is more than what meets the natural eye with this company.

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There are always two types of persons eager to review; the customer who had had the best experience and the one who has had the worst experience. If I had a business that was questionable I would do all in my power to restrict comments on my page and on the internet. Or we can assume that nothing has been sold since 2013. Coupon Codes

Any penny hoarder will possibly get excited when they see all the deals on this website. It is so unreal it has to be a scam. If you buy 60 or more ED pills you get 10 free. There are 5% and 10% future discounts, depending on how much you spend. There is of course free shipping and added to all this is a coupon code that takes 5% of your entire order!

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Truly exciting if it is legit as we all love a good discount and sale; well  I know I do and you should too especially in an unpredictable economy. Having explored several online pharmacies, I have never actually seen one website promote so many deals. This is actually good bait to get me and similar personalities to enter our credit card information.


I will admit I am a skeptic, pessimist and will call a spade a spade. From where I stand, this website is absolute hogwash. There is no address on the website; the information is limited as if it is a scarce resource being shared amongst the poor.

The URL of the business contains Canada in it but based on reviews it does not ship to Canada. How does this make sense? I am curious to know why packages are not shipped to Canada. It is not as if Canada is underground but we will never know the answer because their online chat is “Offline.”

In their shipping policies, they claim that $19.95 shipping is not refunded. Where are they getting that figure from and which type of shipping costs that amount?  We can’t even be sure of their date of operation because it is not available. This organization clearly lacks transparency.

This enterprise deserves a zero rating with a question mark because I have a lot of questions that no one is available to answer. Since that is not available, they will get a 1 rating and I will report their website and use my social media pages to advise persons to boycott this company. Who are these people? What do they want and why are they preying on unsuspecting persons who will eagerly enter their credit card information to enhance their sex lives and boost their confidence?