Review – Has Copied Reviews but also has One Good Comment on the Web or Trust Pharmacy labels its service as a “world famous pharmacy”. It bothers me that the store has a domain different from its actual store name, as it is unusual for businesses to name their shops one thing and their domain names another—it is quite confusing for the buyers. I had difficulty accessing the store using my browser, as my anti-malware program kept on sending me system messages that it blocked malware from the site. When I finally able to access the store using a proxy server, it was notable that Canada Pharmacy Trust had its default language set to French. Good thing the store had options for the English language as well.

The shop allegedly operated since the year 2001 but it currently operates under the license of Canadian Pharmacy Ltd, meaning, Canada Pharmacy Trust is merely an affiliate marketing internet pharmacy. This means that the “store” is nothing but a prescription service which connects clients to the bigger internet pharmacy company and its network of international ground pharmacies and fulfillment centers. Similar to the emblematic online drugstores, offers a wide assortment of products for various health conditions. Canada Pharmacy Trust offers brand and generic medicines for depression, anxiety, diabetes, sexual health, skin care, birth control, and various products for a number of clinical conditions. According to Canada Pharmacy Trust, the products available on the shop are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but did not state which FDA exactly approved the products.

As for erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra and Cialis, the store was able to sell the meds for as low as $0.27 each and $0.68 each, respectively. These are bulk purchase prices for the meds, so you have to expect higher prices for the minimal purchases of the products on the store. You don’t have to provide the prescription for these impotence treatments or for any prescription medication on the store, because Canada Pharmacy Trust does not require the buyers to send their written scripts to avail of the Rx products on the store. For your payments, allows you to send your payments via VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Canada Pharmacy Trust has a fixed shipping rate of $10 for orders sent to the clients through Airmail. The clients have the option to send their meds using Express shipping, but the option costs more than the regular shipping method. I was unable to determine how much charged for the express shipping, though. Besides the shipping fees, the clients are also given an option to avail of a “delivery insurance” which costs roughly $5 to ensure reshipments in the cases of parcel losses. This is tricky, though, because states that it is able to reship and refund in the cases of delivery failure, but still asks for an optional delivery insurance from the clients.

Further questions are entertained by via its phone numbers and its mail (integrated in the contact page). Live chat is unavailable for this store so you have to use the available details. Reviews

Since Canada Pharmacy Trust boasts about its more than a decade of service, I thought that the store was able to acquire various testimonials from its clients on third party websites. I was mistaken, though, as I was unable to spot buyer comments for the store from any independent review service.

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Canada Pharmacy Trust has its dedicated testimonial section, but it is notable that the reviews by clients posted on the testimonials page are ones which I’ve recurrently seen on the web.

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Websites with similar store templates as also had these reviews—an indication that these comments are fake and unreliable. Reviews 2017

Though the store did not have third-party comments from consumers during the past years of its operation, I still searched for relevant mentions for from third-party sources. There was one comment spotted for Canada Pharmacy Trust, and it was from one alleged consumer of the store,

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Connor Hayward from Washington recounted how he ordered from products worth $200. He thought the store was a scam because of its low trust rating from Scam Adviser, and his trepidations were even magnified when he called the store, as he was entertained by a person with an accent. However, Connor said that he was able to receive his order the next day; he declared that was not a scam.


I checked other sites for verification and I came across this result from Legit Script. According to the data, Canada Pharmacy Trust failed to measure up to the standards set by Legit Script for safe website functioning, hence the poor rating. Coupon Codes

Offers on Canada Pharmacy Trust included free shipping for orders more than $200. The shop allows buyers to save $10 when their orders exceed $200. This free shipping offer is for the regular Airmail option alone.

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Apart from the free shipping for orders more than $200, Canada Pharmacy Trust/Trust Pharmacy also gives free pills for clients on their every order, regardless of order amount.

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On special occasions, also provides coupon codes, although recently, the store does not have any coupon code available.

Conclusion is an escrow service which claims to start its service in 2001. The product assortment on the shop is typical of online stores, so there is nothing unique about the store. I tried looking for reviews concerning the shop, and had one positive mention for its service from one user. However, since there are no more comments supporting the good service of the shop, and because I am not a fan of plagiarized testimonials, I am giving the store only 2 out of 5.