Cheap Rx Reviews: A Chain of E-Dispensaries with Positive Customer Reviews

Cheap Rx is a popular chain of e-dispensaries that is based in Canada. It is known for dispensing over the counter and prescription medicines. Their commonly dispensed medicines are erectile dysfunction medicines. This is possibly due to the fact that they offer some of the cheapest ED medicines online. A generic Viagra is offered by Cheap Rx for $0.27 per tablet.

Cheap Rx began its operation in 2001. It started in Canada as a local pharmacy in the late 90s. With the increasing popularity of online pharmacies in the early 2000s, Cheap Pills decided to join the bandwagon of online pharmacies and later on, it became bigger and turned into a network of online drugstores. Cheap Rx is a pioneer in the online pharmacy business and is one of the first stores to create its own network of online pharmacies.

Cheap Rx Reviews

According to the latest data of the FDA, there are at least 10,000 online pharmacies on the World Wide Web, selling generic and prescription medicines. At least 96% of them are illegal and are fraud and only 4% can be trusted. With this tight competition, these online drugstores are doing everything they can to attract new customers while keeping their old ones. The 4% reliable online pharmacies are also working hard to keep their image untainted while staying on top. To do this, one of their tools is to continue giving their customers the service they deserve to keep them satisfied. When satisfied and happy, customers will surely share this experience in the form of reviews and these reviews will serve as an advertisement.

Cheap Rx Customer FeedbackCheap Rx Customer Testimonials

Fortunately for Cheap Pills, having a lot of customer reviews with positive comments is something that they have. For almost two decades of serving their customers, this network of e-stores has accumulated a lot of good feedback such as the following:

Piter, a customer from Italy said that he was happy with the shipment of his order and the way the customer service handled his order. Piter was too happy that he vowed to order again in the future as needed. Another customer, Barbara, said that her order arrived earlier than the expected date hence she was extremely happy.

As for Jessica from Austria, she loved Cheap Rx pharmacies because of their affordable pricing. The last review we found was from David of Germany and he wrote to say that the medicine he received worked well and that it made his marriage life happy and alive again!

These customers are too happy to stay with Cheap Rx and their reviews are too positive that it can surely win a new customer who is looking for an online pharmacy to trust.

Cheap Rx Online

One of the things that I noticed upon checking the homepage of Cheap Rx is their banner about having a million happy customers. Cheap Rx is an international online pharmacy with a chain of drugstores that are serving anyone in the world. They offer quality generic and branded medicines from top pharmaceutical companies that are FDA compliant. These medicines are passed on towards their customers at the lowest price possible hence it is no surprise that they have millions of happy customers after 17 years of being in the business.

Cheap Rx Page

Dealing with Cheap Rx is very relaxing. They do not look for a prescription for Rx medicine orders and they accept deliveries on Po Box addresses. The main reason of Cheap Rx is that these people are ordering online because they have reasons, and it is their right to have their privacy. For customers who will have their home address for delivery, there is no need to worry as all orders are packed discreetly.

The mode of payment that Cheap Pills accepts is payment with a credit card. Once the payment is approved by your bank, it will be packed and shipped to your destination address immediately. Orders are shipped via Airmail and EMS Courier. The fee varies depending on the shipping method of your choice and the order’s destination.

Cheap Rx has laid out their policies on returning of orders, cancellation of orders, missing orders, and reshipping of orders on their ‘policy page.’ The gist is simple, if the problem occurred because you made a mistake such as giving a wrong address or incomplete address that caused the delay, then Cheap Rx is not responsible in reshipping your order. For all other reasons, Cheap Rx will handle the reshipping fee.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

A coupon code is a combination of a number and a letter that when applied, it gives off discount such as 10% the total purchased amount or free shipping or $20 off the total amount to be paid. This is a way to give more customers a chance to save when buying online. Cheap Rx currently doesn’t offer coupon codes but they do offer some attractive perks.

Cheap Rx Perks

One of the perks that Cheap Pills offer is free pills. It consists of two tablets of Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, your choice. All orders are eligible to get free pills.

Another deal that they offer is the free shipping perks for all orders above $200 and $300. Orders above $200 are eligible for free Airmail Shipping (that is $9.95 savings) while orders above $300 are eligible for free EMS Courier Shipping (a $19.95 savings).

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

For information, queries or questions that you might have, you can easily contact Cheap Rx at 1-718-487-9792 and 1-4420-3239-792. These numbers are for their UK and US customers only. In addition to their phone support team, you can also reach Cheap Rx by sending them a message thru their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Rx Contact Number

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Rx doesn’t condone to spamming their customers by way of email or phone. They value privacy and confidentiality and assures that all information provided by you, as their customer are not used for marketing purposes.


For their clear policies, the easy to use website, the wide selection of medicines being offered, and tons of positive customer reviews they have, we are giving Cheap Rx a rating of 5 stars.