Review – Don’t Use this Store for your Medical Needs! offers mostly products for bodybuilding, but the store also has other products in store for its clients. advertises that all of its products are pure, as it also claims that it is the first store to incorporate product research in order to ensure that its products are all in pristine condition. It is odd, though, that also refers to its shop as “Pharma Supplier” and also declares that it is one of the world’s most trusted heath care online malls.

No prescriptions are required by the store for all the products it sells, regardless of their Rx or non-Rx status. As for the products on the shop, Clini X Plus is offering meds for anxiety, anti-estrogens, oral steroids, pain relief meds, sleeping pills, child care products, and several other medications. Popular products on include Valium, Ketamine HCl, Xanax, and similar products—it is surprising that the store offers these types of products because these medications are considered as controlled substances and are illegal to sell without prescriptions. Simple prescriptions will also not suffice for these meds; controlled substance prescriptions usually require doctors with special licenses to prescribe them, and not just any other doctor.

Besides steroids and narcotics, I also found out that sells products for sexual health too, which, coincidentally, are products I am currently evaluating from one website to another. Clini X Plus offers generic and brand-name options for impotence treatment and this shop has stocks such as Black Cobra, Fulagra, Cialis, Generic Viagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Kamagra Gold, Silagra, and other Indian brands for erectile dysfunction treatment. According to the store prices for these products, Generic Viagra 100 mg costs $1.00 per tablet, while Cialis on costs $3.37 for a 2-pill blister of the product.

In case you are interested in making a purchase at, you should know that the shop charges at least $75 for its shipping fee, which is highly unreasonable. There is no explanation why this shop charges too much for the shipping cost, while other online pharmacies are able to charge only at least $10 for the regular shipping.

Payments accepted by are those done Western Union, MoneyGram, and bank wire transfers. Clini X Plus explicitly stated that it does not accept payments from credit cards.

Concerning refunds, especially in the event of parcel seizures, the shop does not offer any guarantee for the orders. cites that every parcel is sent at the buyers’ own risk, which means that the store relinquishes any responsibility for the parcel losses Reviews

The web has several consumer reports aimed at the service of However, the store, instead of getting commendations for its service, received only bad reports for its scamming schemes.

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According to a user “Drazzen”, who posted on on September 2014, the shop was a total rip-off. The store merely charged the user for his orders and did not ship his items and did not reply to his inquiries. Drazzen advised others to stay away from this online pharmacy and avoid transacting with the store.

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Another complaint about was aired online, and this time, the complaint was found at The user, Mr. Brown, stated that was a rip-off site which sent him an incomplete order. When he communicated with the shop concerning the lost items, only mentioned that it will reship if the consumer will send more money for the items’ reshipment. The buyer also advised other clients to not deal with this crook site. Reviews 2017

One recent comment was also available for, and it was from George, who posted his concern on

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According to the consumer, he ordered from and as soon as the shop received his payment, the store asked for another $50 more. Although George was sent a tracking number for his order, his order never left Pakistan, and he never received his order from the shop.

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To check on more details for, I used the site Scam Adviser. To my dismay, the store was only given a low score of 0/100, and this store was identified to have several issues for its domain. Its age is almost 2 years, was dubbed as a ROGUE pharmacy, has malware reports, and has bad feedback detected for its service. Overall, consumers are advised to stay out of this store’s way to prevent losing money in transacting with this nefariously operating store. Coupon Codes showcased several coupon codes; one code is for new buyers and the other is for consumers with orders more than $100.

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New buyers are allowed to have 10% off their purchase, while buyers with over a hundred dollars’ worth of orders are given 20% off their purchase. To avail of these discounts, the buyers just have to click the “get coupon code” function on the web store.

Conclusion is a dubious store with unpleasant reports for its service. The store had complaints all over the web from dissatisfied clients, from its previous years of operation and from the more recent years of its service.

Besides the bad reviews, the store also has an excessive shipping charge for its orders—at $75 per order, I wouldn’t even be considering the use of this online store for my drug needs. My rating for is 1 out of 5. Don’t use this store for your medical needs.