Review – UK Store with Low Prices for its Meds and with No Shipping Guarantees is an exclusive seller of erectile dysfunction medication which is probably located in the United Kingdom because its default currency is in UK pound. The shop is surprisingly simple—it only showcases medications intended for male impotence and none else. Erdys guarantees its clients of the deliveries, genuine products, “exact prices”, security, discreet shipping, and of course, a prescription-less order from the store. I browsed the shop’s “about us” section to know more about the shop’s origin and its founding, but instead of disclosing details, had a discussion on impotence pills and their significance, as well as the causes and the scope of erectile dysfunction. is unique because it only sells generic impotence products which are from Indian manufacturers. Erdys only had 12 products and they were Eriacta, Kamagra (tablets, soft tablets, and jelly), Super P Force, Silagra, Tadalafil tablet and jelly, Snovitra, Tadapox, Aurogra, and Ladygra. These products are all the store has and the shop sells these Rx meds even without prescriptions.

The store content is simple and borderline mediocre; besides the shop’s lack of details for the store specifics, did not also have an FAQ section which can guide the buyers during the order process. Erdys dwelt much on its explanation on what erectile dysfunction is, how it’s contracted by males, and how it’s managed and not really on the significant details such as shipping, returns, and other important concerns.

The prices on are average and not as low as the other online stores’, but the buyers can purchase items on the store for a lower minimum. For instance, sells its Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate) 100 mg from Ajanta Pharma for $6.42 for a set of 4 tablets, while the shop sells Tadacip (Tadalafil) 20 mg from Cipla for as at least $18.10 and the price is for a set of 8 tablets of the medication. The no-Rx policy of the shop enables the buyers to procure the meds with ease; however, you must still consult your doctor prior to taking any drug novel to your system. The checkups and visits to the doctor enable you to identify if you are cleared to take the meds and also identify the possible contraindications for the meds. Even if the shop provided comprehensive information for erectile dysfunction and the treatment options for the condition, online information cannot replace the benefits of traditional consultations.

For payments, the shop accepts VISA cards. You need to order at least $25 to be able to order on Erdys and the store requires the clients to register before they are able to order from the store. Guest checkout is also available, but also obliges the clients to input their details (which is similar to registering).

Erdys only caters to consumers in the United Kingdom and European countries. The store offers free shipping within the UK via standard delivery, but the expedited shipping (2-5 days) costs $6.12. On the other hand, Erdys charges $3.67 for regular Europe deliveries and $12.23 for the expedited shipping.

There are no policies on the store concerning lost orders or damaged products. This poses a snag for the buyers since there are no guarantees for the shipments on this site. You wouldn’t want a store without a refund or return policy for non-received and damaged orders. There are no phone numbers posted on Erdys, so you have to use the messaging function to reach this web store. Reviews

Reviews are absent for and it is not really surprising because the store seems rather suspicious. Good websites tend to have avenues for their buyers to post their reviews for the service and some shops encourage their consumers to create testimonials for them on third party review websites.

Since the shop did not have consumer reviews we can refer to, we can say that the store is an unpopular store with not much internet exposure. Although no complaints are found concerning the store either, it is still unusual for an online shop to not have reviews for its service. For me, a store without reviews is not some place I’d like to entrust my money with. Reviews 2017

Since the store Erdys did not even have reviews for the present year, I tried evaluating the store using Scam Adviser and Scamner to check if its domain has hidden issues. The results were conflicting, though:

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Scam Adviser gave a high trust rating (92/100), as the platform did not detect problems with the online store. It was odd, though, since Scam Adviser noted the store as an unpopular site with a low website value.

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On the other hand, the result for is not as good as the one from Scam Adviser. The shop was only given a 22% safety rating due to the store’s lack of an SSL certificate and a business email. The consumers are encouraged to stay away from the store and desist from purchasing meds from the store due to its issues. Coupon Codes

I checked the shop for coupons but there were no offers available for clients. Erdys, though, offered free shipping for UK-based clients and for the regular mail option alone. The store did not advertise discounts for its clients, but it has a more pills offer and freebies:

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The there are several deals available and they are unique to every product. For instance, Erdys offers 25% free pills when you buy 96 Kamagra tablets, while it offers 12 free pills for 52 pills of Super P Force.

Conclusion is an erectile dysfunction meds only website which sold all generic products from famed India-based manufacturers. The prices are average and the buyers can do checkouts for as low as $25. Erdys, however, caters only to the UK and Europe-based clients, did not have shipping/refund guarantees, and also did not have user comments for its service. Because it lacks third party and even on-site comments, I can’t tell if the store is safe to shop from or not. Erring on the side of caution, I am giving 2 out of 5—I won’t buy my meds here.