Review – Unreliable Store with Fake Testimonials looks like a typical online pharmacy. Although it has a different appearance than most virtual drugstores, the content of this online store is similar to the ones I have visited during the past. There is nothing on the store indicating where this shop’s operation started or where it is actually based. only states that it is a company which cares about their consumers’ health and their reputation, so the shop assures its clients of reliable products from trustworthy manufacturers. Also, it is the goal of to “make life easier” for its patrons by providing the best prices—prices which can help the consumers save up to 90% in drug costs. Since convenience is one of the Fast X Pills’ features, the store boasts about having a customer support team which caters to buyers’ needs swiftly and reliably.

There are several groups of products accessible on and the store has products for anxiety, hair loss, the GI tract, weight loss, and general health concerns; it also has products such as hormones, antibiotics herbal meds, arthritis, eye care, and a lot more. Of all the medicines sold in the store, the meds such as Betnovate (for psoriasis and related diseases), Strattera (for ADHD), Medrol (for allergies), Viagra (for erectile dysfunction), and several others are the ones most popularly bought by consumers on According to Fast X Pills, prescriptions are not needed when buying prescriptions in the shop, although the store strongly recommends the clients to get professional doctor’s opinion for their conditions before ordering from the shop. Despite the no-Rx policy of the store, I think it is best for patients to get real prescriptions from their doctors first and refrain from self-diagnosing and self-medicating to avoid worsening their health condition.

All the meds on the store are approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization, according to Fast X Pills. did not state if its products are purely generic or both include generic and brand name medications, but the store’s products consist of mostly generic medicines.

For the iconic impotence treatment, Viagra, offers several dosage strengths: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and even 200 mg. The price for the 10 pill pack with Viagra 100 mg is $26.96, which is affordable compared to other stores’ minimum purchase amounts. Cialis is also offered on in strengths of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, and even in an outrageous 200 mg, which I didn’t know even existed. charges the clients $20.35 for the 10-pill pack of the 20 mg product, also a low price compared to other stores’ prices. You can pay for these items using your VISA and MasterCard credit cards, plus E-checks.

As for shipping, the shop charges $10 for the international unregistered airmail option and $30 for the trackable courier service option. In case the delivery fails or the buyers receive faulty products, the store allows the buyers to get their refunds from the store or as clients wish, they can have a fresh batch of products re-shipped to them.

For other inquiries, may be reached using their phone numbers or by using the message function available on the store’s contact us page. Reviews        

On-site buyer feedbacks are available for from the past years, and as expected, these comments were all positive towards Fast X Pills’ service. Here are some of the buyer testimonials posted on the site:

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Pierre appreciated the Viagra product he bought from and mentioned that the prices for the products on Fast X Pills are nearly three times cheaper than the other online store prices.

Carl, another buyer can’t believe the low price and the swift delivery from and he counted himself lucky to have encountered the store as the shop helped him find the best prices for his medical needs.

More positive comments are available on, but the main thing is that these so-called testimonials are also found on other internet pharmacies. Because these comments are also seen on other websites (they are posted word for word), these feedbacks couldn’t be true.

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Apart from the false and plagiarized on-site comments for, the store also had an external review from one user on According to “Linsm”, he ordered and canceled 20 minutes after he paid for the items; Fast X Pills said the money would be refunded, but the store did not return the user’s cash. Also, it was odd that charged the buyer’s card as a female apparel company and not an online pharmacy. The user ended up discouraging other buyers from making their purchase on Fast X Pills. Reviews 2017

 Apart from the complaint and fake buyer testimonials, I found no mentions for Fast X Pills anywhere. This is probably due to the store’s lack of popularity and its assumed unreliability.

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Checking status on Scam Adviser, I found out that the store was branded a suspicious website with a currently hidden location.

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The store bestowed by on was also unpleasant; the shop was given a 0/100 rating. Fastxpills was discovered to have issues with its domain and Scamner suggested that clients abstain from using the store. Coupon Codes

I found no deals on; the shop did not offer free shipping or any freebie to its clients, and the shop did not also offer any coupon codes for the buyers to use. Although I was disappointed, I think that it’s typical of some stores to not offer any deals to benefit their clients.


It is rather trying to locate a good store on the web, especially those which serve pharmaceutical products. Medicines and health are interrelated so patients should be careful when sourcing meds on the web. is another online pharmacy claiming to offer good service and high-quality products, but there is nothing on the internet which can attest to its excellent performance and its effective products. Instead of finding admirable feedback, the shop had a complaint from its buyer who never received his refund; plus, the store had fake reviews. The rating for is 1 out of 5 and I encourage you to look for other online pharmacies to buy meds from.