Kamagra-direct.com Review – Site Too Plain—A Dubious Place to Shop From

Kamagra-direct.com is one online pharmacy selling products for treating male erectile dysfunction. Kamagra, the product mentioned in the shop’s domain name is a generic alternative for Viagra, the world’s leading erectile dysfunction drug. Both Kamagra and Viagra have Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient which makes Viagra effective in helping males suffering from impotence.

The website is very basic—there are no graphics other than the lascivious image posted on the shop’s header. There is nothing to Kamagra Direct which can help buyers to know more about its operations. Because of the shop’s blatant lack of information, I fear that the store feels shady and not a safe place to purchase medications from. The only clue I have of the shop’s information is that the shop is shipping products only to clients in the United Kingdom. There is nothing on the store stating its age and length of service, so I can’t tell if the shop is a new site or an old store with a lengthy history in service.

As for the items, the store only has two products, Kamagra tablets (Sildenafil Citrate) and Tadalafil tablets. All of these are generic counterparts of the iconic impotence brands, so the buyers can expect saving a bit more in cost when purchasing products on Kamagra Direct. Prices on Kamagra-direct.com are indeed low—buyers can purchase Kamagra (generic Sildenafil) 100 mg for as low as $15.53 for 8 tablets. Generic Cialis 20 mg (Tadalafil) is also available on the store and Kamagra Direct sells the product for $16.83 for 10 tablets of the product. These prices are low, as some online stores offer at least $33 for 10 pills of either generic Sildenafil or generic Tadalafil.

You can purchase Kamagra and Tadalafil on Kamagra-direct.com without any prescription, as the shop allows buyers to get their stocks from the store without them sending their Rx orders from the shop. However, the consumers should know that Kamagra Direct relinquishes any liability for the result of its no-Rx policy for the products.

Shipping is charged only $3.11 per order by Kamagra-direct.com, but the shop ships only to consumers in the United Kingdom. What’s great about Kamagra-direct.com, though, is that it does not have any minimum order required—you can buy as few meds as you want on Kamagra-Direct without being charged extra by the store.

Buyers can claim refunds from the shop if they are not satisfied with the products they obtained from the store. A full refund may be given by Kamagra Direct if the packages remain unopened, but the shop will deduct about $4 for opened, used, damaged, or non-returned products.

You can only reach Kamagra-Direct by messaging the shop using this email: [email protected]

Kamagra-direct.com Reviews

I find reviews rather essential for assessing the present service capacity of any online . Because of this, I tried looking for comments for Kamagra Direct to see if the shop offered good service during its run. It was also intriguing to know if the store was a reliable store because its outward appearance does not suggest that it can be relied upon to fulfill buyer orders.

I was unable to find any mention for Kamagra Direct on the web, and the shop appears to be unpopular with the consumers with needs for erectile dysfunction products. I can’t blame buyers, though, as the shop does not look inviting and looks as if it can’t fulfill any buyer order due to its lack of depth and reliable information.

Kamagra-direct.com Reviews 2017

Because of the lack of reviews directed at Kamagra Direct, I tried using other online platforms to evaluate the shop better.

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Legit Script is one site I used and I discovered that the platform gave Kamagra-direct.com a rogue status because of a number of concerns raised for the store’s domain. There is no specific detail on the shop’s issues, but the rogue rating is sufficient to prove that it is not a reliable web store.

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Kamagra Direct also has records in other online assessing websites such as Scamner.com, but the result is still negative. Kamagra Direct was only given a 3% score out of 100 because of its lack of an SSL certificate which protects the buyers’ data when purchasing products from the store. The age determined by Scamner is 4 years, and the store is located in the United Kingdom.

Although Google has not yet reported Kamagra Direct as an unsafe site, it has very few visitors and does not have trust records. Scamner advised the buyers to steer clear of Kamagra Direct.

Kamagra-direct.com Coupon Codes

Kamagra Direct does not offer coupon codes for its buyers, but the store gives free pills for consumers with orders of at least 48 pills. You can have 4 to 8 free Kamagra pills when you purchase at least 48 tablets from Kamagra-direct.com.

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Although shipping is not free, the shop’s shipping charge is actually one of the lowest I’ve encountered in online pharmacies.


Kamagra-direct.com is an online pharmacy selling only Kamagra and Tadalafil tablets. Besides the price list and the disclaimer on the store, there is nothing to see on Kamagra-Direct, which makes me quite irresolute when it comes to shopping at the store.

No reviews exist for this online pharmacy, which makes it even more dubious. I think you should consider other stores and refrain from buying anything on Kamagra-direct.com. My verdict: 2 out of 5.