Review – Mexican Online Pharmacy with Unsafe Credit Card Payment Processing is an online drug vendor I checked out not long ago to find my prescription medications. When I went on, the homepage confirmed that this was indeed a Mexican online pharmacy that specializes in distributing both Brand name drugs and generic medicines. At the bottom-left corner of the page, I could see what looked like a counter. The counter indicated that the site has had over nine million visits since June 2013. The domain was created in 2000.

Reading the entire page made it apparent that MedicinesMexico would only dispense medications with valid prescriptions. I confirmed this is the case in the FAQ tab. Approval of orders for prescription medications is dependent on the issuance of a prescription by a licensed Mexican doctor. The doctor’s fees are included in the total cost. The pharmacy also stressed the importance of getting a valid prescription from a doctor locally, to obtain required drug and dosage information.

A column containing medicine categories runs down the left side of the page. Medicines Mexico distributes a broad range of medicines. I could see antibacterial drugs, antifungal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, cancer medications, diabetes medications, diuretics, ophthalmic drugs, and erectile dysfunction drugs. Apart from Brand name and generic medications in these categories and others, offers personal care products like skin care products, as well as natural health products.

I clicked on the erectile dysfunction tab and went through the catalog. Here, I was thrilled to see US FDA-approved Levitra, Viagra and Cialis. Four pills Levitra and Viagra cost $139.39 and $113.61 respectively, while the same amount of Cialis costs $175.30. There are generic forms of these three for sale too. I learned I could pay for any amount of these using Credit Cards, Electronic Checks, bank wires, and money transfers. Payment is processed in 72 hours. After that, orders are sent by Express Shipping (Express US delivery by Mex Post costs $24.95, while Express Worldwide costs 39.95 USD). US shipping takes 10-21 business days, while worldwide shipping takes 15-30 business days.

All orders can be tracked (USPS or Correos de Mexico). With that in mind, I tried their live chat. There were no agents available to attend to me. Then I tried the toll-free line – 866 439 4963. That number went through the very first time I dialed. I inquired about worldwide shipping and the agent who answered told me they only ship to the US. Reviews

Naturally, the next thing is to look for reviews. Good thing Medicines Mexico has a tab dedicated to user reviews. When I clicked on “Reviews”, I saw that the page was chock full of favorable user experiences. Unsurprising. Most online stores flaunt positive user experiences. You can see a few of them in the screenshot above.

image2 12

Raonak Zedan, whose location we couldn’t pinpoint, ordered twenty capsules of Ampicillin. He gave the store a 5-star rating for providing his medications. He described the medicine as “cheap and perfect”, and thanked the staff at Medicines Mexico for a job well done.

Mahmudul Hasan apparently ordered a natural skin care product. He said that he was glad to know that natural products are still valued the way they were many years ago. “I only believe in natural treatments and products”, he wrote, “because natural things are the only ones which can save our skin from skin damages”. He also commended Medicines Mexico for the valuable content in the blog they maintain, calling it “interesting“.

Raonak Zedan(I’m guessing same as above) also purchased twelve caps of Amoxil Amoxicillin. He said he loved the product and described it as “excellent”. He was weirdly excited about this antibiotic and reaffirmed his love for the cheapness and the pharmacy.

Of course, I took all these 5-star ratings with a grain of salt. I had to see such effusive praise on independent sites to be convinced.

image5 8

Alas, I was able to find a separate review which turned to be negative. So negative, the reviewer gave one star out of five. This is not a personal experience.

Tootie 1l related her mother’s experience shopping with She explains that her mother had been using a particular Credit Card with Medicines Mexico and had been receiving her medications. Then, one day in November 2008, her mom used that credit card at a Tire store in Houston and got to learn about a charge for over $2000 on the card. Her bank recovered the money and for a while, there was no problem. When she switched to checks, she got “a notice from medicines Mexico, stating that they would no longer accept checks. So, she used her PayPal card and got a charge of $2250 shortly after. This time recovering the money was impossible. Reviews 2017

I looked for newer reviews on MedicinesMexico and outside it but I couldn’t find any. Newer reviews more accurately describe a website’s operations. I had to fall back on checking out the website’s reputation on scam review sites. Scamner did a report on Medicines Mexico last year and gave the website 14% on its popularity ranking.

 image3 12

Scamadviser, on the other hand, gave a high trust rating and pegs its safety at 78%. The differing assessments were curious. All I could gather so far was that there are rarely any reports of undelivered orders, and shopping on the website with Credit Cards is not safe.

image4 12

Scamadviser’s safety rating suggests older reviews like the negative one above may have focused on issues that no longer exist. Scamner’s low-popularity ranking suggests that I would be better served on other online pharmacies. That much is certain. Coupon Codes

Medicines Mexico offer a 5% discount on every first purchase in addition to the remarkably low prices for their medications. There is also the flexibility of paying using gift vouchers. I learned about them in the menu dedicated to gift vouchers, labeled “Gift Voucher FAQ“. After purchasing a voucher, the value of the voucher is added to your personal Gift Voucher Account.

image1 12

The amount of a funded Gift Voucher Account is displayed in the Shopping Cart box, where there is also a link to send the gift voucher via email. I did not notice any coupon codes on the website. I do hope Medicines Mexico realizes sooner rather than later, that the presence of coupons might help boost their popularity.


So, in a nutshell, this is what I learned. is a Mexican online pharmacy store that is focused on providing low-cost branded or generic medications. It was founded, first and foremost, to provide an online option for those who have been making the trip across the border from the United States, to get their prescription drugs at a cheaper price. That original vision has been expanded to include customers worldwide. has been providing this service since the year 2000. I found scores of positive reviews on the website itself, but subsequent reviews of the website on unaffiliated websites revealed reasons to be cautious. One such reason was recurring: It might be unsafe to shop on Medicines Mexico with a Credit Card. and disagreed in their reports for the site’s safety which suggested I should be able to give it the benefit of the doubt. As long as you have a US address and an alternative to credit cards, you’re good to go. I rate Medicines Mexico 3 out of 5 stars.