Review – There Are Better Places To Buy Your Meds Than this Store also claims its piece of the pie. I stumbled upon Mega Pharmacie one day and explored the website’s interface. It is much friendly to interact with and in addition to that, has a customer support system. You can start an online chat or call toll-free +1 888927-26-75 from Monday to Friday 5am-8pm PST and weekends 6am-3pm PST. What stands out about Mega-Pharmacie is the “clean” and direct nature of its website.

There is no information on that clearly tells us when this pharmacy was established or even where it is located. After checking on, I am surprised to see that the site is based in Russia. Moving on, accepts gift cards, prepaid cards, and debit and Visa or MasterCard credit cards and other popular money transfer modes. I have not found any controlled substances or narcotic on Mega Pharmacie that may require physical exam such as Valium.

Customers can order online or via phone that is deemed to be on 7 days a week. The phone number is +1 888927-26-75. After placing your order, it takes approximately 3 days before shipping commences. Shipping is free of charge, and it can take 8 to 18 days for the order to arrive. Shipping is done using air transport. If the customer is not satisfied, they can return an unopened package within 14 days and receive a full refund. Opened packages can be refunded after making a phone call first within 14 days.

The medicines sold from this store are not approved by the American FDA but rather by the Indian FDA where a majority of the drugs come from. is quite ambiguous about where their drugs come from. At one point, they state that the drugs are from India, but then their affiliate facilities can procure drugs from their own jurisdiction including UK, USA, Turkey, Germany and other countries. There are different types of drugs available in this website like men’s health, surgery, eye-care, pets, antivirals, and anxiety etc. Among several ED brands, Generic Viagra Super Active(Sildenafil) goes for $1.33, Generic Cialis Super Active (Tadalafil) costs $1.53, and Generic Levitra Professional (Vardenafil) goes for $1.65. has no online chat support; it provides online email ticketing support using a web form. It is much inconvenient to get an instant answer to any query. I am not happy with its customer support service.

image5 9 Reviews does not have customer reviews on its website, and neither are their reviews on known independent review websites. It does not have a known location for its offices (if there are any) or its warehouses. Customer reviews serve as a yardstick for the customer service of a business and also help determine whether is a real business or a fake website. On further inspection, there are very few visitors to the website. I would recommend looking for other online drug stores with customer reviews (especially on independent sites) before considering purchasing to be on the safe side. Reviews 2017

I read more recent reviews about Mega Pharmacie made in 2017, and it does not make for good reading. checked the reliability of Mega Pharmacie and found that it does not even have visitors and is an unsafe place to venture. is not recommended for visiting leave alone buying a product.

image4 13 marks Mega Pharmacie with a low trust rating. This analyzer insists that this store is based in the Russian Federation. works based on what the users have reviewed of the sites that they visit. Then when placed on a High risk – safe scale, determine whether it is safe to use.

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Mega Pharmacie is based in the Russian Federation which is not the best news a prospective customer wants to hear. It is now widely known and frequently in the news that the Russian hackers target sites of several countries including the USA. That is one of the main reasons why there is so much secrecy as to the location of Mega Pharmacie. Coupon Codes prides itself in its services. One of the main selling points of the pharmacy to prospective clients is the free shipping offer. Since it claims that the drugs are generic and come from overseas, they are shipped via airmail, and the shipping does not cost the buyer a single dime. They also guarantee delivery of the packages ordered. Considering how expensive shipping is for almost anything you order online, this sounds too good to be true but may be entirely so that they can get off the ground.

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Furthermore, if there are problems with delivery and the package does not reach the customer, they can cater for the reshipping costs entirely. They have specified that this goes for all packages that haven’t arrived within the standard delivery period with an allowance of a couple of days. With some companies, the reshipping costs are left to the customer to bear. This is very enticing to the prospective customer.

Conclusion has some amazing promises and coupons to offer its customers but still, leaves a lot to be desired. It raises so many red flags. There are a lot of information gaps with the website. When was it established? Where is it based? A store may have affiliate stores and go-downs but must have some headquarter or a base of operations where they do their inventory and paperwork.

Another thing, the drugs are approved by the Indian FDA where Mega Pharmacie claims they source them and where they are manufactured. Then, they also go on to say that they have affiliates in other countries and the said affiliates source their drugs from other sources. Who approves the affiliates’ drugs? Where would a customer that is negatively affected by the drugs go to complain? Mega Pharmacie would probably steer clear of such complaints. That’s why it is always advisable to have drugs that are FDA approved, the American FDA. If I need to purchase ED treatment, I’d look on other sites. I rate Mega Pharmacie a 1 out of 5.