Online RX Review: Get All Your Prescription Drugs at Affordable Prices

Online RX refers to an online chain of pharmacies that have a matching homepage, deal with the sale of similar medicines that are priced equally. The only contrast among these websites is the site link that a customer will key in so that he can access the pharmacies. However odd this may look, a customer who wants to purchase drugs from any of the pharmacies connected to Online RX network should not be afraid to do so as they have been certified as legitimate pharmacies that can be relied upon.

A customer dealing with a website that is linked to the Online RX network may be unable to tell which website he has contacted by just looking at the physical appearance of the homepage as they are all alike. What such a customer should know is that all the orders placed at any of the affiliate websites will be processed at the main web address. The drugs dispensed will be of great quality and the network will make sure that every customer gets his order within the shortest possible time.

Despite the fact that all the websites linked to Online RX are legit, customers should tread with caution when dealing with any pharmacy that has a homepage similar to the one belonging to Online RX as there could be some rogue online drugstores that may use such a homepage as a bait to make customers buy their fake drugs.

Online RX Reviews

Online RX has earned massive positive feedback from all over the world thanks to the one million orders that they have processed since its establishment. Dorothy from Andorra is among those who have sent in a review in regards to the services that she received from Online RX network. She says that the network attended to her queries promptly and the prices of the medications are good. Samuel compliments the network for delivering his order as agreed and in addition, he was kept in the know regarding the shipping progress. Samuel has been buying drugs from Online RX for a number of years and not a single time has he been let down.

Online RX Customer Reviews

Sarah is a resident of Spain and has also had a chance to buy her medications from Online RX and is so happy for being treated with courtesy and efficiency. She says that she has had a chance to buy drugs from other pharmacies but none can compare to the quality of the service received at the network. Peter is also another customer who is happy in regards to the shipment and the customer service at the network and as a result, she will be placing another order in the near future.

In respect to the reviews quoted above, it is clear that Online RX has won the trust of all their customers because of putting their needs first and ensuring that they will get what they have asked for in the appointed time.

Online RX Online

Online RX conducts its operations through a chain of websites that are legit which include:


The reason behind working through diverse websites is to increase the avenues that customers will be able to reach them. By this, more orders will be processed as every link will generate its own traffic and then, the orders will be centrally processed through the main website.

Online RX stocks medications that would be hard to get in the local pharmacies and sell them at low prices. This enables the people who have little or no income to afford their medications. It is also a great avenue for those whose insurance cover cannot pay for their medications especially those suffering from complications such as erectile dysfunction. Majority of insurance covers will not pay for ED medications and due to this, the only option that will enable them to afford the drugs will be buying from a trusted site like Online RX.

When you compare the drugs prices with other online pharmacies, you will realize that the prices are lower at Online RX. This is why every customer who places her order with Online RX will keep doing so for years. A customer will either choose to purchase brand medications or generic drugs which are cheaper. Both brand and generic drugs will work in the same way since the chemical composition is the same.

Online RX Coupon Code

Online RX has made provisions to ensure that a customer will be able to make an informed choice when purchasing his medications. For people suffering from erectile dysfunction, they will be able to buy ED sample packages at discounted prices.

The ED sample packs will consist of more than one type of ED medication which the customer will have the chance to try and eventually buy the one that works best for him. The prices have been reduced to ensure that every customer will be able to afford them as shown below:

Online RX Discounted Packs of ED Medications

A customer whose purchases are above $200 will enjoy free shipping on their orders and get a 10% discount on the total cost of the medications.

Online RX Phone Numbers

To contact Online RX, the following number can be used:



There is also a form that a customer can use to leave a message to the network staff and a response will be sent to the customer’s email address.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

There is not a single incidence that has been recorded indicating that Online RX network has ever sent any spam message or made unwarranted calls to their customers.


Online RX chain of online pharmacies should be every man’s choice whenever he needs to get drugs from an online source. There is a wide range of drugs that are sold at the network and it will be almost impossible to miss a prescription drug. Due to the lack of complaints since the network was set up, we give Online RX a 5* rating.