Review – Store Lacking in Discounts and Positive Feedback is a website operating from Surrey in British Columbia Canada. The pharmacy says that it is an authentic source of buying original and safe drugs because it dispenses its stock of drugs from the pharmacies that have been approved by CIPA. Online Pharmacies Canada also claims that it is the only pharmacy located in Canada that has set a standard for other online pharmacies via its exceptional service records. The company takes pride in presenting its CIPA certification logo and says that it is a symbol of trust and integrity. Moreover, the company ensures a great customer service, dispensing of high-quality drugs, both branded and generic in nature and promise to maintain high satisfaction levels of the customers. Online Pharmacies Canada also has a complaint resolution process which is not offered at any other online pharmacy. Surprisingly, OnlinePharmaciesCanada does not present the list of products it offers on its website. However, the interested customers can search for their required medications in the database of the store. The drugs that require a prescription before selling are presented with an RX symbol. The store also sells drugs for ED. Viagra 100 mg is sold at Online Pharmacies Canada at a price of 10.06 US Dollars per pill, indicating that the website is not as cheap as it claims to be.

Payment options provided by OnlinePharmaciesCanada are vast and include personal checks, certified checks, American Express credit card and International Money Order. Shipping service is also available and costs 9.95 US Dollars extra. The delivery time can extend to 20 days. The shipping service is not internationally provided but is only restricted to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There is absolutely nothing mentioned regarding the refund or returns policy on the Online Pharmacies Canada. Customers are directed to contact the company by dialing 1-877-536-8162 or by sending their queries to [email protected] Live Chat service is currently not provided. Reviews has received a few reviews on an independent website. One particular review about this website has been made by Joannar who says that the company does not respond to emails and puts on hold for 30 minutes on calling them, hence their customer service was bad. It was also mentioned that she had ordered a few meds and it had not been dispatched even “after one week”.


The review is from an independent reviewing website, hence there is a high probability of it being authentic. Reviews 2016

OnlinePharmaciesCanada has also received a review from the customers’ side in 2016. The review has been made by a wife who ordered medications for his husband. She also mentioned how the company puts the clients on hold for 15 to 30 minutes. The shipping is received between “2 to 3 weeks”. The customer was happy and has mentioned that she would keep ordering from this website in the future.


This review has also been derived from a third party website, hence, there is no doubt about the authenticity of it.

Scamadviser has listed Online Pharmacies Canada as a threat. The main reason for this is because the company that claims to be working in Canada is originally hiding its location.


Analyzing the reports presented by Scamadviser, it can be said that Online Pharmacies Canada is not a safe site to buy drugs from. The website does possess some kind of risk factor, hence, it would be better for the customers not to invest their money in it for buying any kind of drugs. Coupon Codes

OnlinePharmaciesCanada is not giving out any kind of discounts or coupon codes to impress or attract the customers.


The pharmacy has mentioned about selling medicines at the so-called discounted prices but I was unable to find any differences and the prices were still high. This is a sad situation for the customers who were looking forward to ordering from this website. Also because the prices of the drugs offered at Online Pharmacies Canada is already quite high, this particular lack of discounts is going to reduce the customer pool of the company to a great deal. I would sincerely advise the company to take this seriously and do something about the discounts in order to succeed as a good store.


The facts about are quite confusing. The drugs are quite expensive and the pharmacy does not offer any discount so as to compensate for them. It particularly takes pride in its excellent customer service but one of the reviews I found regarding this store said the exact opposite. The comment had depicted how poorly this store functions and their overall operation is slow. Scamadviser is also not sure about the functioning of Online Pharmacies Canada and has shared its doubts about this web store. In accordance with all this information, I will give Online Pharmacies Canada 1 out of 5. It becomes quite clear by looking at the ratings that I do not approve of this store for buying ED drugs.