Pharmacy Mall Review: Your Reliable One-Stop Shop for Your Drug Needs

Providing and delivering high-quality medicines around the globe is the goal of Pharmacy Mall network. Pharmacy Mall network is a cluster of internet pharmacies that work under one company or logo. In the case of Pharmacy Mall, all of its cluster websites bear the logo of Pharmacy Mall.

The main Pharmacy Mall drugstore started in 1997. It started as a local drugstore somewhere in Canada. When they started catering to mail to order service, they decided that it is best for their customers if they can do their online shopping on their own. It means being able to purchase medicines online. This started their online pharmacy business in the early 2000s. Pharmacy Mall online pharmacy offers the following:

  • High-quality generic and branded medicines
  • Affordable medicines that are accessible to everyone
  • Rx drugs that don’t require a prescription prior to dispensing it
  • Drugs from dependable manufacturers
  • Confidentiality of customers information
  • General information about the medicine being sold (click on Viagra and you will get all the information you need about Viagra such as how to use it, when to take it, precautions, proper storage and so on)

With more than 20 years of experiences as a medical store, the network of Pharmacy Mall has proven to be one of the most reliable places to refill a prescription for anyone in the world. Aside from low-cost medicines, they also ship their products worldwide.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Gathering positive feedback and testimonials from their customers is one of the goals of Pharmacy Mall. This network of online pharmacies understands the importance of having positive reviews. They knew that positive reviews increase the value of their store and its reliability resulting in a better chance of winning new customers.

For the e-dispensaries bearing the Pharmacy Mall logo, we found some good feedbacks such as the following:

Pharmacy Mall Customer Feedbacks
Pharmacy Mall Customer Feedbacks

The common evaluation for Pharmacy Mall is that they have good customer service system. Their customers are happy with the excellent service they had during the order process. One customer commented that he found the ordering process easy to do while another customer said that he had a great experience with them.

Another customer appreciated the efficient people who answered her questions. As for another customer, he found the continuous update of his order’s location as very impressive.

The last review we found for Pharmacy Mall website says that she dealt with courteous people and that she appreciated it a lot. She added that her order arrived on time, faster than she expected it to be.

With excellent customer service and fast delivery, it looks like the online pharmacies under the Pharmacy Mall network are doing a great job in keeping their customers happy.

Pharmacy Mall Online

The Pharmacy Mall network is composed of different websites selling the same products. They offer the same brands of erectile dysfunction medicines with the same prices, with the same website designs, and offer the same perks and benefits to their new and existing customers.

A Pharmacy Mall Website
A Pharmacy Mall Website

You would know that you are dealing with a Pharmacy Mall website if you find their logo on the right-hand side. It comes with a tagline ‘“#1 drugstore since 1997’, a proof that it has been existing more than two decades ago.

There are three ways of finding a product that you can buy from Pharmacy Mall. The first one is by searching through their catalog of medical conditions. Under each medical condition are the available drugs they have in stock that can treat the said condition. The second option is by searching the product directly. If you know the name of the drug you need, just type it in the search box and hit ‘go’ or ‘enter’ on your keyboard. It will give you the product you need instantly. The last option is by clicking the first letter of the medicine you need. At the top of all Pharmacy Mall websites, you can find an alphabetically arranged letters, click on the first letter of the medicine you need to get it. If you need Viagra, click on V to find the list of medicines that start with letter “v”. In addition, if you are pretty much buying a popular medicine, it might be on their bestseller list. The bestseller list is the first thing that you will see once you visit a Pharmacy Mall homepage. Among their bestsellers are:

  • Generic Viagra for $0.28 per tablet
  • Generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet
  • Branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet
  • Generic Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet
  • Generic Prednisone for $0.30 per tablet
  • Dapoxetine for $0.95 per tablet
  • Generic Metformin for $0.26 per tablet
  • Generic Antabuse for $0.43 per tablet

Other bestsellers include Valtrex, Sildalis, Zoloft, Tadapox, Lasix, and Xenical.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

We all love coupon codes and discounts, who doesn’t? Most people shop online because there are always discounts and promotions online and we apply the same principle when refilling our prescriptions online. As far as coupon codes are concerned, the network of Pharmacy Mall doesn’t have any available coupons at the moment but you can get 10 % off on qualifying orders granted at the checkout.

Pharmacy Mall 10% Checkout Discount
Pharmacy Mall 10% Checkout Discount

What they offer are perks and discounts in the form of free bonus pills (2 tablets of Cialis or Viagra). You can choose which pill to have during checkout. They also offer free delivery on all orders above $200.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

1-718-487-9792 and 4420-3239-7092 are the two phone numbers listed for Pharmacy Mall. All websites of Pharmacy Mall has the same phone number listed. It is to ensure that all customers will be receiving the same level of excellent customer service hence the general contact center for all websites.

For those who cannot make a call, they can still reach Pharmacy Mall websites thru their ‘contact us’ page.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Spam emails and phone calls can be annoying. Pharmacy Mall knew this hence they don’t associate themselves with any spam emails and phone calls. As much as possible, they want customers to call them and they do not call or send unsolicited emails to their customers.


For their excellent website designs, excellent and reliable customer service, affordable and safe products, and for their extensive experience as an online pharmacy, we are giving Pharmacy Mall network a rating of 5 out of 5.