Review – Suspicious Store Having No Reviews on Independent Websites has been described as a UK based pharmacy that offers first class service to its customers. The company claims to be friendly and offers the highest quality of customer care. It requires the customers to present a valid prescription for ordering drugs and is also involved in issuing consultancy services as well. The pharmacy has been said to exist for over 100 years and was took over in the year 2001. The company has improved its location for the last few years and is administered by a pharmacist named Ian Morton who has an experience in retail skill for over 20 years and is said to be an affiliate of Royal Pharmaceuticals running in the UK. The price for Viagra is set at 3.95 US Dollars per pill which is costly.

Different credit cards are accepted here for payments such as Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro, etc. Both standard and special delivery services are offered by the company for delivery purposes. Standard delivery takes place via Royal Mail First Class that covers 51.38 US Dollars. Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Business Day Service is also available that covers up to 658.75 US Dollars worth of order. Medicines and cosmetics are not liable to returns and refunds as per international legislation. Customers can contact by calling at 01297 639999 or filling a contact form. Reviews has received plenty of user reviews over the years. These reviews can be found posted on the official website of the company and I decided to check them for better perception of it.

The first testimonial has been generated by Carol T who lives in Glasgow. She said that she received her package in the morning and found it to be in “good condition”. She thanked the store for their “excellent service” and also mentioned that she good “speedy response” every time she mailed Total Pharmacy.

Alan R of Harwich thanked Total Pharmacy for providing a “superb service” and said that he will “certainly recommend” it. He concluded by giving 5 stars to the company.

Jeremy R residing in Watford said that he wanted to take the opportunity to convey his compliments to TotalPharmacy for their “brilliant service”. He also mentioned that he had just received his parcel and was “so impressed” with it.

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The reviews regarding Total Pharmacy are undoubtedly excellent as each customer has given five stars to the company and mentioned how great they have found it. However, I noticed the fact that these reviews are posted on the company’s official website and are nowhere else to be found. This depicts that there is no guarantee of these reviews being authentic and posted by real life customers but can be self-made by the company to increase its sales. Such vendors are strongly discouraged to be used for online shopping. Reviews 2016

Some reviews have also been posted on the official website of Total Pharmacy. These reviews have been given by the customers in the year 2016 onwards and reviewing them can tell about the recent performance of this drug store.

Brenda has mentioned that the staff has shown her “kindness” and provided her with all the “help”. She thanked the company for this.

GN has a short and precise comment thanking TotalPharmacy for providing him with “excellent services”

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Chris thanked the store for delivering his required order to him. He said that he has received “first class service” and the medicine worked for him “within a few hours”. He concluded by thanking the store once again.

The recent reviews regarding TotalPharmacy are good too but are suffering from the same problem as that of the old reviews. These reviews are once again confined to the seller’s own website and cannot be found on any third party reviewing website.

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Moreover, Scamadviser has said that this company is based in the United Kingdom but has also detected some level of threat with it. Therefore, it is better to avoid it as the owner might be a scammer. Coupon Codes offers only one type of discount in the form of free delivery. The customers can have a chance to avail delivery services for its order for free.

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However, there are two conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to avail this offer. The order needs to be comprised of medicines worth at least 40 Pounds of 52.70 US Dollars. Moreover, maximum weight allowed for such orders is 3kg and the orders exceeding this limit might not be considered liable for this offer.

Conclusion has not been able to receive authentic customer reviews that can prove its authenticity. The only reviews that I found were present on the website of the owner only which I cannot trust as they might be forged. The discount offer was also not quite attractive and was bound by conditions as well. Hence, I will give this website a rating of 1 out of 5 and would say that customers should not buy ED drugs from this pharmacy without confirming its status first.