Review – A Scam Website That Should Be Avoided by Buyers

Finding Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs is so easy now due to the proliferation of e-pharmacies and easy access to internet services. In order to get some ED tablets, I resorted to the internet to find some given the convenience it avails. However, it is always prudent to proceed with caution because the scam websites are quite many. That is how I found that also goes by the name Pharmacy Mall, a self-proclaimed number one drugstore since 1997. However, does not reveal its locale on its home page or about us page.

Pharmacy Mall stipulates on its website that the drugs it sells are from FDA approved. The generics are approved by FDA. It sells brand and generic drugs to its customers whom it claims have been more than one million. I have no way of disproving or proving this but that is quite audacious. There are many categories of drugs on sale at Pharmacy Mall with the common ones being the best sellers, erectile dysfunction and many others. There is a category of drugs claims to be the best sellers. Among the best-sellers list is Viagra which goes for $0.27 a pill, Cialis that costs $0.68 per pill, clomid that sells for $0.44 per pill, Levitra that goes for $1.00 a pill and other brand and generic drugs. takes payments in the form of credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Pharmacy Mall transports its orders to its clients using Airmail whose period of delivery normally is around 2-3 weeks or faster. Then there is the EMS Courier Delivery which takes about 3-8 business days for the order to reach its destination. It can take longer than that due to certain factors such as delays due to customs processing. The refund policy is not quite stated but they have offered assurances that all goods practically reach their destination. I have no idea how they handle mixed orders.

I had interest in how handles queries and enquiries from customers. There are phone numbers that one can call to ask questions pertaining to orders and other concerns. The number is +1 718-487-9792 for the US and +44 203-239-7092 for the UK. The live chat feature is not available on You can also send queries via the ‘contact us’ page where they send you an email with an answer. I send an inquiry but haven’t received an email yet in a few hours. Reviews

Being a prospective client, I wanted to know what other customers had experienced when buying from I scanned the website and found the testimonials page on the home page. I found a couple of users had left some of their views on the service delivery of the website. It is not so wise to adopt website reviews because they are skewed in favor of it with only positive reviews, hardly new. It is not practical that everyone had only nice things to say.

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Sarah from Spain thinks that the service she received was fast and courteous. “Service like this is rare” she goes on to say. She is a happy customer. Piter N. from Italy was “pleased with shipment and customer service”. He goes on to add that he will be repeating business with them. Barbara from Sweden thinks the order came “sooner than expected” and goes on to add that she is fully satisfied. Jacob from France revels in the fast service and incredible customer service narrating how he could not make an order and on calling the numbers provided “got great help” and had his order delivered very fast.

Curious as to the reviews it garnered on independent review websites, I searched for and discovered something appalling. The reviews on website were available on other platforms and they were simply copy pasted onto the website from the look of things. This means that is not an honest business and it is rather unethical to do such a thing to lure customers. Reviews 2016

The customer reviews are decidedly fake and therefore I went to find out how website checkers rated the authenticity of This is normally based on things such as location and popularity.

image3 16 tells me that the site is based in the Netherlands but is more likely to be based in Russia. That increases my already growing skepticism of the authenticity of

image4 16 is a website that helps determine the authenticity of e-pharmacies on the internet. The conclusion drawn from is that is a rogue pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Granted how crowded the pharmaceutical industry on the internet is crowded, it is wise of Pharmacy Mall to entice their clients with some juicy offers to encourage loyalty. Many pharmacies provide generous discounts and is no different.

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It has offered provides the option of free pills with every order a customer makes. There are some price cuts on some combinations of orders to encourage the customers to buy more from them by rewarding them. For all orders that have a value in excess of $200, there is free shipping to the customers. This is quite generous and helps draw some people to buy. 


The number of online pharmacies is on the increase and is not bound to stop. To catch the eye, they are offering juicy discounts and cheap drugs. In this pool of online pharmacies, a significant amount of them is not genuine and is there to scam unsuspecting buyers. They acquire sensitive information from the customers and may use that information maliciously or steal money from you. The drugs may also not be up to scratch. has conspicuously displayed that it has a list of best-selling drugs to attract customers due to low prices. There are branded drugs on offer at cheap prices.

A live chat feature is not available. The fake reviews are also a deal-breaker because it puts the trustworthiness into question. I give it a 1 out of 5.