Why Arthritis and Exercises Go Hand-In-Hand?

Suffering from arthritis can have a great impact on your lifestyle; rather it can alter your lifestyle by great proportions. You must exercise great caution with your bones and body because the pain caused by the condition can sometimes completely cripple your entire body. You will experience a lot of inflammation in your joints and excruciating pain even by the slightest movement. You might fall into the notional trap that you must remain least active as possible so that you dont cause any strain to your joints. However, that is far from correct.

In fact, anyone who has arthritis must exercise extra hard than normal people. Exercising never causes more strain on the joints as is thought by most people. Rather, exercise strengthens the joints. Just because you are suffering from a disease doesnt mean that you will stop exercising altogether. What you must learn is new ways of exercising so that you dont end up causing more injury to your joints. Never allow the fear of pain or injury to hold you back from leading a quality life.

Please keep in mind that you are not the only individual who is fighting this battle against arthritis as there are more than 40 million individuals throughout the world suffering from this condition. However, majority of them are not aware that special exercise regimes such as swimming, running, taking walks etc. can help them tremendously in reducing joint pains, enhancing body functions and in leading a better life.

Needless to say, you can effectively prevent occurrence of osteoarthritis by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight. Any amount of weight loss decreases the strain on your body, which is all the more important in case of osteoarthritis patients. The lesser your weight is, the less will be the stress on the legs and knees.

The first step you must take to improve your condition is rest enough. Please keep in mind that getting rest is a lot different from staying still. As you start with daily exercise routines, you will be required to give enough rest to your tired body. Sufficient rest allows your body to recuperate and regenerate, thereby taking the pressure off from joints. However, you must be careful to not rest more than required as it may have a completely opposite effect on your joints, ending up making them stiffer.

As a second step, you must always try to not over exert yourself. Doing regular exercise doesnt mean that you start lifting weights. Indulge in light exercises such as swimming, walking etc. You must exercise only at times when there is no or less pain. Reduce the intensity of your exercise if you start experiencing any pain. It is also important that you do not push yourself extra hard right from the first week itself. Give yourself some time and allow your body to get used to the habit of exercising.

Last but not the least; try incorporating as many different exercises as possible. It is not important to focus only on joints just because you are suffering from arthritis. Other body parts are important as well. Start the daily exercise routine by warming up a little and then moving on to regular exercises.

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