Review – Use Your Discernment and Shop Wisely has been an accredited distributor of safe medicines to clients in the US since 2002. The pharmacy is being managed by Granville Web services, experienced distributors of regulated medicines. The shop is located in Canada but only serves the United States residents.

Online Canadian Pharmacy assures my satisfaction. The pharmacy claims to have years of experience when it comes to handling quality medications, having served more than 100,000 customers since started the business. I know the pharmacy was closed for quite some time, even though I don’t know the exact reasons.

I need to use a search button to discover if Online Canadian Pharmacy has my meds or not. Even though a search button is useful, I’d prefer to have meds organized into sections for easier navigation. Naturally, I did a quick search on Erectile Dysfunction meds. A pack of 4 tablets of Brand Viagra will cost me $54.45 and the generic version is dispensed at $45.54 for 12 tablets (100 mg). Cialis can cost me $130.68 (branded) for 8 tablets whereas the same quantity of generic Tadalafil is dispensed for $22.17. Online Canadian Pharmacy is an accredited member of CIPA so all meds are FDA-approved. Only credit cards are accepted on this SSL certified online pharmacy.

Every licensed pharmacy is required to dispense meds only to those who show a valid prescription, thus Online Canadian Pharmacy is no different. Clients must send their prescription to validate their orders.

New prescription orders get free shipping, otherwise, it costs $9.95 per order. The packages are expected to arrive between 13-18 days in the US territories. doesn’t specify its return and refund policy.

The pharmacy is available to be contacted via email ([email protected]) or by phone (1-888-730-3338) exclusively. Reviews has been around for quite some time. Naturally, the store has some reviews from the different customers it served. Here’s what I found.

Sonia appreciates the pharmacy’s “excellent services“, considering to be her “pleasure” to recommend the store to her friends. Nacy also uses the word “excellent” to describe the store, as well as Gail.

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Anita believes Online Canadian Pharmacy has made her “life better”. She keeps the staff in her prayers as an appreciation gesture for the good work.

Dolores described the store as “nice” also being a very satisfied customer.

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Ron and La Donna thank Online Canadian Pharmacy for taking care of their prescription order “promptly”, finishing by describing the pharmacy service as “very good”.

Nacy is both “impressed and pleased” with customer service of Online Canadian Pharmacy. She says the staff is always “nice” and the orders are delivered “right in time”.

The catch of these reviews is simple: they are posted on Online Canadian Pharmacy’s website. Pharmacies without independent reviews should not be completely trusted since these testimonials could have been manufactured by the store. Reviews 2017

The veracity of reviews is still at stake. Without any other reviews from more solid and verified clients in places not controlled by the pharmacy, I have to rely on the information given by scam alert sites. I intend to evaluate Online Canadian Pharmacy with more rigor and these sites provide valuable insights.

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Legit Script suggests using my discernment when dealing with this pharmacy. According to the results of Legit Scrip investigation, Online Canadian Pharmacy is an unapproved pharmacy. This means that the store’s operations are not entirely handled according to the internet pharmacy standards.

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Scam Adviser results weren’t exactly smoothing either. Apparently. Online Canadian Pharmacy has been threat listed before, thus caution is advised. Despite the pharmacy’s real location being hidden, Scam Adviser was able to identify the site’s domain in Canada.

These insights are not favorable either. I must be extremely cautious with this online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As for coupon codes, is not offering any. I know the store used to have seasonal sales, promoting occasional discounts every now and then. Clients were able to get a coupon code with a discount off on their next purchase.

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As of today, I verified that Online Canadian Pharmacy has a referral scheme where it gives a $25 credit for every friend I’m able to refer. Obviously, the person I refer must purchase on this site in order for me to enjoy my credit.

If I want any other offers, Online Canadian Pharmacy suggests me to give a call to customer service and ask them to send me coupon codes, if available.

Conclusion used to be one of the most reputable pharmacies online until a few years ago. If you research the company for a little bit, you’ll see the appraising it had from many bloggers and even from previous customers.

The website design remained to antiquate but the pharmacy has been a very competitive online drugstore for quite some time. I can’t simply disregard that fact. However, there aren’t any solid reviews from more recent purchases made recently.

I have no idea what is Online Canadian Pharmacy’s actual situation, including if the store is still efficient in its deliveries or not. I’ll grant Online Canadian Pharmacy a 3 out of 5 rating for now. Moreover, the pharmacy doesn’t have full approval from scam alert analyzers, so I can’t fully recommend such store. If you want to use Online Canadian Pharmacy, then you must use your discernment and shop wisely.